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About Hilary Renaissance

Hilary Renaissance brings compassion and insight to helping clients throughout the United States. Her goal is to work in partnership with her human and animal clients to bring them greater awareness and enjoyment of each other. She has studied with Penelope Smith, Carol Gurney and Morgine Jurdan. Hilary incorporates Reiki Healing Touch, Tellington TTouch, Flower Essence Therapy and other healing methods as a means of supporting well-being for animals and more satisfying relationships with their people friends.


Hilary has been a featured guest on:

  • ABC TV's Seattle KOMO 4 Evening News and CNN affiliate stations. Skeptical Reporter John Sharify investigates Hilary's ability to locate lost pets in a news segment titled "Meet the Amazing Pet Psychic," featuring testimonials from a Mississippi police chief and a lady in Redmond, Washington who found her cat with Hilary's assistance.

To read a transcript of news broadcast, visit "Meet the Amazing Pet Psychic" at www.komotv.com/news/archive/4110826.html

or click on www.komotv.com and enter "pet psychic" in the search field.

  • "The Record" newspaper of New Jersey featured Hilary's psychic help locating a missing dog named Foster who disappeared in a 800 acre park on December 4, 2008. The dog was found stranded in a swamp and required rescue by helicopter. One of the dog's rescuers is quoted as saying "It was weird, but on the way to the swamp, we saw all of the things Hilary mentioned: The pallets; The discarded tires; and the area was mostly wetlands." Later on in the news story, Foster's owners were quoted as "being more than a little amazed" at Hilary's accuracy regarding Foster's location.

  • NBC TV's "The John Walsh Show," broadcast from Rockefeller Center, NY, "Women with Interesting Jobs." Hilary answers questions from a live studio audience.

  • DJ Laurie Perrigin's Morning Show, WZZK 106.9 and 97.3, Birmingham, AL. Hilary give tips on how to locate lost pets and common mistakes people make in their search efforts.

  • DJ Mike Sloane's Evening Program, WXL 700, Cincinnati, OH

  • DJ Bridgette Brady's Morning Show, WMXG-FM, Escanaba, MI

  • DJ Laurie Michaels Morning Show, KISW FM, Bellingham, WA

  • DJ Pastor Jack, 365live internet radio broadcast, "What is Animal Communication?"

  • Audio Magazine interview with Claudia Christian, www.opengrove.com. Hilary discusses the connection between human emotions and the emotions of their animal companions.

  • ABC TV "Northwest Afternoon," broadcast live from KOMO 4 TV Studios in Seattle, WA. Audience members ask questions about their pets. Hilary solves mystery of whether an audience member's cat killed her pet snake.

  • Star magazine. Hilary discusses when rival celebrities' pets don't get along.

  • Seattle Post Intelligencer daily newspaper article "Eat, sleep, bark, get acupuncture." Hilary is featured in an article about ways you can pamper your pet.

  • Featured Guest Interviews, www.thefoundbin.com. An in depth interview with Hilary about how she became an Animal Communicator.

  • ABC KOMO 4 Evening News, news segment "I Can Communicate With Animals." Hilary discusses how she helps locate lost animals.

  • www.nwsource.com, article "Want to read Rover's mind? Hire a pet communicator" featuring Hilary's ability to help locate lost pets and how to select a quality animal communicator.

    Read article at: http://blog.nwsource.com/shopping/archives/pets/092107_read.html

Hilary has also been a contributor for Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Animal Communication.

2002 - current, Hilary is a Animal Communication Consultant for Petco. She offers free animal communication consultations courtesy of Petco Marketing Division at Petco store Grand Opening Celebrations throughout Washington state.

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